David Wilson's Attain Perfect Health Guided Meditation Series

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This website is dedicated to improving quality of life, promoting deep sleep and helping you to Attain Perfect Health through relaxation and utilizing your mind/body connection.

Guided Meditations are a proven method for Deep and Restful Sleep, accomplishing a relaxed, Successful Surgery, Rapid Healing, Pain Management, Reducing the Swelling of Arthritis, not to mention, Smoking Cessation and Attaining your Perfect Weight.

David Wilson's soothing voice will guide you into a state of deep relaxation allowing your mind to absorb the calming, relaxing and healing images that are a part of every one of David Wilson's

Attain Perfect Health Guided Meditations.


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Quit Smoking Today!

Lie down, put on your headphones and let David Wilson's calming voice guide you into a deep state of relaxation. A state of mind where positive thoughts and suggestions will help you to get rid of the desire to smoke completely. Simply listen to one meditation each day for a month and you will become smoke free for good.



Take back control of your life and join the millions of people who have utilized the power of their own mind to quit smoking the easy way. It worked for them and it will work for you too.



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The Perfect Weight Loss Solution!


"Be Your Perfect Weight" is a healthy alternative to traditional dieting and weight loss.

The best way to remain a healthy weight is to have the correct mindset,

strong self-confidence, and most of all healthy eating habits.


How Does It Work?


David Wilson, the creator of "The Attain Perfect Health Guided Meditation Series"is a master

at leading you into relaxation.  When he guides you into a deep state of relaxation,

your mind will more readily accept positive healthy statements.

Ideas and suggestions that will help you to re-adjust your core beliefs and habits

regarding food and healthy eating patterns. Change your thoughts and habits

and you change your life for good. It really and truly works!


What Happens at Each Session?


All four sessions begin with stress reduction (a big reason many people

overeat is to reduce their stress) and deep relaxation. Then a series of positive thoughts and ideas

(that will be personalized beforehand with your approval)

will be presented with soft, soothing background music as well. Each of the four sessions build

on the success of the session before it. Plan to spend from 45 minutes to an hour

at each of your visits. You will also receive a recorded on the spot CD of each of your personalized

sessions for more benefit and greater weight loss. All four CDs are included.

Sessions are scheduled once a week for four consecutive weeks.


What Do I Do to Get Started?


Call 650 321-1448 to make your appointment. You'll receive a free phone consultation

to see if you qualify for the program. Once you're approved, your first session will be scheduled.



David Wilson's "Be Your Perfect Weight" Program


Session One:


Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction


Healthy Food Choices


Adjusting Eating Habits


Motivation for Achieving Success


Session Two:


Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction


Building Self-Confidence


Lifting Self-Esteem


Creating a Strong Belief in Your Ability to Succeed


More Healthy Food Choices


Session Three:


Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction


Creating a New Self Image


Visualizing Activities and the Reactions of Others to the New You


Deep Lifelong Motivation for Success


Session Four:


Deep Relaxation and Stress Reduction


Inner and Outer Healing of the Past and Present


Maintaining a Healthy Outlook and Positive Attitude


Rebuilding Every Cell of Your Body in Perfect Health