Successful Surgery and Rapid Healing Guided Meditation


Prep for Successful Surgery

It can be difficult for your doctors if they are forced to work with a tense and fearful patient. You are much more likely to have a successful procedure if you are calm, relaxed and confident. This meditation will have your mind and body cooperating with your doctors as you effectively reduce your pre-op stress. It will help you to maintain a confident and positive attitude throughout your experience.

Rapid Healing

Once your procedure is behind you healing is your #1 priority. This rapid healing meditaiton will guide you in reducing your pain, help you to stay relaxed and positive, as well as, bringing your mind., body and spirit into alignment to create a rapid healing so you'll feel better much sooner.


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 "Dear David, I used your program to prepare myself for breast cancer surgery (masectomy) and even the doctors noticed the difference in how smoothly my surgery was completed. I felt very little pain (I was off morphine in an hour and only took one pain pill my entire hospital stay) and I was released from the hospital and back to work almost a week early. Thank you so much for your help and expertise. C.H."


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