Be Your Perfect Weight Guided Meditations

with Confidence Building for Success


Want to shed a few pounds?


The "Be Your Perfect Weight" program on CD is a healthy alternative to traditional dieting and weight loss, in fact, it is not a diet. It is actually a series of guided meditations (five) that will gently move you into a healthier, happier mindset. The easiest way to remain a healthy weight is to have the correct mindset, a strong self-confidence, healthy eating habits and belief in your ability to succeed at whatever you choose including weight loss.

The meditations found on the "Be Your Perfect Weight" CD will reduce your stress, put a smile on your face and promote a deep and restful sleep each night as you are losing weight.

Order it now and meditate your way to a happier, healthier, trimmer you.

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"I love this program. In the first week I stopped bingeing, and I started eating smaller quantities of higher quality food and it amazed me I actually felt satisfied." ~ J.G.

"I'm not only eating less, but now I'm calmer, alot less explosive and I'm making better decisions at work and at home. I'm thrilled I've lost seven pounds in the first three weeks without even trying." ~ S.W.

"After the first month of using your meditations, I have dropped a dress size, lost twelve pounds and I'm sleeping alot better. My husband started listening with me and he's lost six pounds too. Thank you." ~ B.N & S.N.

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