Deep and Restful Sleep - Guided Meditation with Stress Reduction


Having Trouble Sleeping?

Sleep is vital to living a healthy, productive life. Yet many of us do not get the sleep we need. Starting with a guided relaxation meditation, this program progresses through stress reducing thoughts and then on to suggestions for a deep relaxing and restful sleep. Simply listen to this CD each night as you are drifting off to sleep and you will see your sleep patterns improve, you'll feel more rested each morning and your reaction to the stress in your life will be greatly reduced.


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"Just a quick e-mail to update you...the reducing stress and achieving better sleep meditation CD is benefiting me very well. It's wild to notice (after days of listening to the CD before going to bed) that unimportant stressful situations seem to 'bounce right off' now. First time I noticed it, I couldn't help but smile. Sleeping has always been difficult for me, but I find that I'm able to drift off in a shorter period of time."

~ Diane Trudeau

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